StringStrang Two

StringStrang Two is a formidable exercise in minimal droneworks from Jan Kees Helms. Using using only guitars and field recordings - all the pieces were recorded in one movement without the use of overdubs. These are considered works which enigmatically stretch onward and outward, drawing the listener in deeper over time. This work is a continuation of the Stringstrang project, the first part of which was released earlier this year on the German 'The Verato Project' of Suggestion Records.
Jan Kees Helms is an interdisciplinary artist - working with sound, photography and video. He also writes as a journalist on the subject of experimental music and art. He has previous releases on Mantricum, Lor Tapes, Q-Tone and so on.

Comes as a 5inch cdr in a slip case. running time: 49 minutes, 5 tracks.

StringStrang One is released in August 2011 at Ephre Imprint.

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Ephre Imprint.

Jan Kees Helms - Floating in Circles by ephre imprint