Of Colour

Post Mortem / Fever Spoor : Of Colour

Post Mortem is the noise-project of Jan Kees Helms. It started in 1987 and ended at 1992. In 2010 I have started to make some noise again, to make the sounds of the world more louder than they are in real live.

Of Colour is a cd-r split with Fever Spoor, a musical project of Marcel Herms.

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Review Vital Weekly 719
Jan-Kees Helms, in the late 80s/early 90s working as Post Mortem (and a plethora of other names) and his own Lor Teeps, re-appeared on the music scene early last year and since then has released a couple of new music releases, under his own name. Expanding now, he also resurrected his more noise based Post Mortem project and hooks up with Marcel Herms, best known (in The Netherlands perhaps) as a visual artist, but also as noise artist Fever Spoor. Post Mortem's three tracks on this split release deal with traveling over land, snow and sea. No information has been given on the origins of the three Fever Spoor tracks. Its not really the noise that is purely based on getting as many distortion as possible, but surely has links to the noise world. Things crack under the feet, in the snow, on water and inside the computer. Post Mortem's pieces seem to be owing more to computers than Fever Spoor. There are bits of time stretching, and throughout it has multiple layers of sound, all equally mildly distorted and grainy. Fever Spoor's 'Green' and 'Red' the heaviest track of the lot, with the strongest noise ties. For all six pieces I must say that they deal with being radical manifestations of noise, rather than heavily based in actually composing with the material at hand. That comes, quite naturally I'd say, with the territory. Not a great release, but surely ear damaging enough for the true noise heads. I'd prefer if Helms would stick to his own name and game. (FdW)

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